Quite happy to be here!

Dragos T

Content Department

Being accepted into the Scholarship program there were a lot of thoughts about what is next, if its going to be as good as I heard and imagined will be, if I will be able to meet the expectations of the company and some more. Regardless that I started the program online because of the pandemic, the beginning was more than I expected, everyone was so friendly and treated me with respect, especially my mentor and about meeting the expectations, they took me from a basic level and improved my skills in the best way. In the end of the scholarship, when I was announced that I have been selected to continue the program it was a different feeling, finding me confident and certain about what is next.

After some months working in a lot of projects with different people in each of them my point of view about everything that happened is that the experience is more than worth trying and if you invest time and focus on what u do, it can become an enjoyable and rewarding job for the future.

The atmosphere is the best part about it and the most important factor of it is the team, my colleagues always help when I m in need and they make every task look easy, it gives you confidence when you have from who to learn.

In conclusion I can say that this experience offered me more than I was expecting and made me happy to be working in such an environment.

04 March 2021