Who are we?

TrimbleXperience is a program special created for students that want to develop their careers. Following theirs needs, this program gives the maximum focus on the student growth, offering a dedicated coach that can provide effective and focused learning considering each individual's way of working.

This program is not only about learning. Innovation, creativity, team work and fun are all required for a complete experience. Our main goal is to create a strong relationship between the student and its mentor so that the process of learning is not a forced one but one where the individual feel at ease.


TrimbleXperience is inherited from the Stabiplan internship program StabiXperience which started in 2014 as a solution for the increased number of requests coming from students for their mandatory practical scholarship.

Each year of TrimbleXperience meant something new added to the program. This helped us be more attractive than our competition that had a more powerful relationship with the local University.

Although TrimbleXperience started as a brand for our scholarship programs offered to students at Transilvania University it soon became a name describing what it is like to work in our company.

Each year is important for us as we want to constantly becoming better and to create the best learning environment for the current interns and those to come. Their feedback is very important to us and we seriously urge them to tell us everything they like or not.



Each Intern will enter the program with a dedicated coach that will help him in achieving a highly individualized and meaningful learning experience, throughout the whole period of the internship.

Rotational Program

The intern is part of the: Rotational Development Program designed to systematically move employees through multiple jobs, projects or departments for a designated period of time.

Real projects

Working on real project interns will receive vast company exposure and varied experiences, while building skill sets and increasing collaboration.

This is us!