Our vision is about people who share a set of professional values that define who we are and how we conduct our business.

We have talented and dedicated people who are committed to making an impact every day. Besides a team of mentors and professionals, TrimbleXperience features a wide variety of educational opportunities, recreation and athletic events.

Creating professionals it's an important value for us, we want to be involved into the grow of new comers. We organize workshops that are in the field on the Software Engineer and Design Engineer branch.


Our scholarship program speaks to the mission of TrimbleXperience, which is, providing great educational opportunities to some of the best students in Brasov.

From software development to design engineering, students benefit from a network of interconnections.

This month is dedicated to an accelerated Training Program based on dedicated Workshops. At the end of the scholarship, students will have to take part in an assessment which will test their knowledge acquired till then. Regarding this, the selected students will continue their path into the program obtaining a part-time internship at Trimble.


The intern will work on real projects together with the coach and usually remain into the program till graduation (1-3 years)

Job Rotational Internship Program - interns will rotate every quarter during the one-year program. The first three rotations will be chosen by Trimble, the final rotation will be influenced by the intern's interests.

Interns take on new tasks for a different job a certain period of time before rotating to another. At the end of the internship - usually, interns are converted to full time based on their performance evaluations and coach recommendations.