How I learned what I know now

Robert D

Development Department

My career in IT started a year ago. The TrimbleExperience program was the first internship program from an IT company I applied to. After the scholarship period and a test, I was selected in this program. The feelings I was experiencing at the time were mixed.

On the one hand, I was very excited about the new path I would take, but at the same time, I was worried about the responsibilities I would receive and whether I would be able to fulfill them successfully. My curiosity about the IT sphere, about the whole creation process and the desire to meet new people helped me a lot in the relationship with my new colleagues and in the development of interpersonal relationships.

My scholarship coach, Alex Muntean, was an important part of my integration process. I found him to be an open, sociable person, eager to get involved and who always helped me with pleasure. My contact with him made me believe that I am in the right place and that Trimble is a very good choice for me, an aspect that I strongly support even at this moment. He was patient with me, explained the approach to me and was very attentive to my desires for professional development, trying to help me in this direction.

I consider that this feature of the TrimbleExperience program, that of the student-coach connection, is a very beneficial one for newcomers. Besides the fact that it facilitates an easier integration in the collective. The coach can help you discover more about yourself and become aware of both your qualities and flaws. In addition, the way of working is very different from the one learned in college, and therefore the presence of a person to guide you as a student is very useful.

Since I really want to develop myself as a full stack developer, Alex guided me in this regard by creating together a POC that includes both part of the backend made in the C # language and part of the frontend made in TypeScript.

The most important feature of this program is the willingness to work in several teams, even international, developing a lot of different projects.

In the first team in which I was assigned to TrimbleExperience, I worked mainly on the frontend. Having the opportunity until then to work in Angular, I was very curious to find out how a project is carried out on the frontend side, what are the stages of its development and testing. I learned a new programming language and I learned to look at a project from the perspective of a frontend programmer. I also worked with new frameworks for me such as DevExtreme and Karma (on the testing side).

I learned about the CI / CD process and the tools used to perform this process. Much more than that I worked with versioning systems, with software systems management platforms (Jira, Bamboo) and I realized what it means to work in projects under the auspices of Agile.

During the second rotation, I worked in a team from abroad. Before I started collaborating with my new teammates, I had problems with how to communicate and work with them. The only possibility of communication being the remote one, I thought it would be difficult for me to relate with them and understand each other from the point of view of the tasks that had to be solved. However, when I came in contact, I met very communicative people, eager to assist and help newcomers. I feel that this change caught me very well, developing my communication skills, overall thinking and conciseness, showing my desires in terms of teamwork.

In the last stage of the program, I started working in an international team, made of people from a lot of different countries. I met people with vast experience, an aspect that at first determined me to be more timid. However, observing the abilities of those around me, I wanted to learn as many new things as possible, to improve my way of writing code and to try to get as close as possible to their level.

I was very happy to see that throughout this program a great emphasis was placed on the development of each of us, the attention being focused on our development.

Using a lot of new technologies and concepts such as : .Net, Angular, TypeScript, pipelines, Agile, build script, CI / CD and finding myself in the work environment present in Trimble, I really wanted to continue in this company.

Now, after the completion of the Trimble Experience project, I work in my last team in which I rotated and I feel in my element. Within the team we understand each other very well, I work with pleasure and every day I find the motivation to learn new things.

I think that the most important investment that a young student can make is to find an environment in which to feel "at home", which will create multiple challenges and from which to extract his motivation to define it in order to develop itself.

24 July 2020