A “Trimble”-experience in the Netherlands

Cynthia P

Marketing Department

I was constantly hearing people talk about going abroad with Erasmus projects, but I never got determined enough to try it myself.

That was until one day that I was proposed to go to the Netherlands and work in the marketing department of Trimble. I said yes, thinking it would be interesting. What convinced me in the first place was the opportunity to see how marketing professionals work in a large company, for I knew the framework was very different from what I knew before — having experienced work only in relatively small companies so far.

By the time I made this decision I had a lot of projects running that I needed to manage, and for this reason I couldn’t be as involved in the admission process as I would have liked to be.

The patience and involvement that Trimble people in Brasov showed, kept surprising me. They always helped me with the papers and all the other things I had to do, and all this time I was thinking: “If I were them, I wouldn’t go into so much trouble just for some students…”.

When I got to the Netherlands, I was keen on absorbing every bit of knowledge I could from the people I was about to meet. My amazement continued to grow when I realized that all my new colleagues were extremely nice and ready to welcome us with so much goodwill.

They’re always prepared to help us out when we encountered any sort of difficulties (which the first day meant turning the PC on). We get along very well with each other, even off duty. You really get to enjoy every day's work when spending time with such nice people.

Marketing in a company like Trimble is a bit different from what I was prepared for in university, and that is why I like it so much and I am so eager to be constantly challenged. Our fellow colleagues that we share the office with, have always a task at hand that they can give us. It is always accompanied by the remark: “Have you already finished your last assignment!?! Wow, Romanians really are fast!”

The TrimbleXperience is a constant source of amazement and joy. I am extremely delighted to be working side by side with real professionals, who have so much to teach me and that I can also go out with and talk about the Netherlands, college, festivals and all sorts of things.

Erasmus was my opportunity to come to a great country, make some great friends and prove my marketing skills and abilities. I took that chance!

06 April 2020