My Trimble experience

Raluca C

Development Department

Since I started the scholarship program I have learned both theoretical and practical things. I have applied for the scholarship program then followed the internship program.

Due to the rotation program, I met many people, I saw how different teams work, I worked on the backend, frontend and testing parts. Every time I had a problem or I didn't understand something, I found someone to help me and explain what was not clear to me. Maybe for some, this rotation program doesn't sound too encouraging, because you just settle in one team and you have to move to another, but this program can help you to see what you like more, learn as much and see in which team you fit.

My advice is to try something new, even if at first you may be afraid of various reasons, such as not doing well, not being prepared, etc. The people here are aware that you are a student and you do not know that much, but they have patience with you, they give you tasks that they think you can do and the difficulty increases gradually. And if you can't get a job done, don't worry! Ask for help and someone will surely come and help you.

06 April 2020