I am a proud member of this program and I would definitely recommend it

Robert C

Content Department

Hi, I am Robert and one of my biggest hobbies is 3D design and I am happy to say that, by enrolling in this program, I developed my hobby to also be my job. I chose this program because it gave me the opportunity to improve my skills in this domain while I was also able to continue my studies at a high level due to its flexible working schedule.

The first day here was amazing, everyone was keen to help and to provide assistance at every step in the onboarding process which made it really easy for a new joiner and also made me feel already as part of the team. I was so enthusiast with the work and the people around, that the time flew past me extremely fast and it didn't matter that I had a part-time working schedule, I just wanted to learn more and more.

I joined the team as a 3D design associate and I was able to quickly adapt to the team workflow due to the fact that everyone in the team with higher seniority was there to answer my questions and guide me through all the processes inside the team. The communication is really great and anyone can raise questions that will find a good answer and also anyone can just say their opinion out loud without being criticized and that is a really key factor in professional and personal development.

Inside this program you will find a big variety of projects and you will have the chance to work with a lot of new things and cool tools that will help you improve your skills and achieve the final goal: strong knowledge of 3D design and a big set of assets in this domain. The workflow is adapted so that everyone can learn and evolve with the help of the team or even by themselves, so no one is feeling pressured by difficult tasks or due dates. Even if it is the case, then the responsibility falls on the team, not on the individual.

In the end, I want to say that I am a proud member of this program and I would definitely recommend it. If you are passionate about this domain and you want to improve and get better day by day, then this program is the one for you.

05 March 2021