My achievements getting fulfilled through TrimbleXperience

Teodor M

Development Department

I started this experience 8 months ago, and looking back I can definitely see progress, challenges but also one of my greatest achievements getting fulfilled through this program.

Having the opportunity to work on real projects and tasks, among real development teams is an amazing experience, especially after pursuing this career since you were young. I can still remember the joy and sense of accomplishment I felt as I found out that I was selected for this program. Although I had some emotions at first, they quickly vanished after seeing the amazing people and environment I would work in for the next months.

One of the things that I truly appreciate about TrimbleXperience is the fact that you are never left alone, underestimated or set aside. You are always part of the teams you’re in and you have the opportunity to work with them on common goals. Also, no matter what blockers you come unto, there is always someone to help you and get you out of it in the shortest time possible.

Although the rotation schedule may seem odd or ineffective at the first look, it is actually one of the greatest features of this program. It’s a great opportunity to get to know a lot of people, teams, projects, technologies and have some unique perspective expanding experiences alongside.

Nowadays, I may say that I’m really proud of being part of TrimbleXperience and Trimble as a whole. And I hope for the best regarding my future in this big family.

23 October 2020