Internship Days

Tunde C

Development Department

280 days. That's how much time passed by from the day I became an intern in 2019 to the day I'm writing this post. Or 297 days if you want to count the scholarship too.

At first, I didn't know what to expect from this program, this whole process was something new to me. New environment, new people and most importantly, new challenges to conquer. Although I was really nervous at the beginning, I knew that I'll be in good hands and I was sure that I'll do my best to learn all the new things. After all that's the idea of this program. To evolve and to learn.

Throughout this internship period, I've worked in 3 different teams, due to the rotation program. At the beginning this idea was a little bit frightening for me. Being a more shy and reserved person, I thought it will be hard to start all over again every 4 month. And yes, in the first rotation it was.

For a few weeks. After that things started to get easier. It was really nice to see how every team works and how they approach new challenges every day.

Not only do these rotations help us to learn new technologies, for me, they've played an important role in my personal development as well. I've become a little bit bolder and maybe a more outgoing person too. Overall, I think this experience is a win-win situation for everyone.

06 April 2020